Thursday, January 27, 2022

Upful Blend Honest Review


I am a person into herbal products. I tried so much herbal products in the past such as Herbal life, Total life changes, Melalueca and so many other products even products off the shelf. I heard about upful blend from a sponsorship ad on facebook. When I heard about the testimony I went ahead and ordered Food for the blood, Cancer bush and Herbal mucus cleanse. I started using the herbs the same day I got them from the mail. They even have products now for pregnant women and children.

Let me tell you the God honest truth, I had experience a minor stroke that caused me to have urinary problems. I also suffered with high blood pressure and diabetes. I had to use adult depends to help prevent accidents. It was so embarrassing going to the store to buy depends. I never wanted to go out anywhere because depends never really help prevented my accidents. Me buying depends started to become costly for me. Let me tell you after I used the tea a couple times I notice I stop urinating so frequently. The tea stop my urinary bladder problems. I didn't need to use depends just in time because funds was getting hard to come by to keep up with expenses. I have my spouse as witness. I no longer needed to use depends. I was so happy because I could not afford to buy any more depends just in time. Thank God for Upful Blend Products.

The only thing I don't like about the tea is, it is very bitter so I would add cranberry or juice to take out some of that bitter taste. What was so funny is I saw people in advertisement drinking this tea like its not bitter. Making its seem like It has a great tasting flavor to the tea. I rather they be honest with customers than to hype up the products just to get a sale. They should rather give us the choice to choose whether to buy or not. I did not care because it did the job for me. The tea cured my urinary problem. The funny thing I was not even taken the tea on a regular and I would drink it on a cool temperature because I am not a fan of hot teas and the herbs still worked for me.

The good thing about the tea you can reuse the herbs up to 4 times, to me I got my money worth. So I wont dare say the teas is not worth it because it did the job for me. The products has grown my hair thicker, my face is clearer. These products works wonders. If you are suffering from any illinesses do yourself a favor and try them for yourself and you can thank me later

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